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Glint Number 1 - Painting by John Wenzel - Minnesota Artist
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Glint No. 1

Glint No. 1

Glint No. 1

John Wenzel
Oil on Canvas
24"W X 20"H
Shipping Cost: Negotiable
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Glint Nos. 1 and 2 embody a painting style that I've arrived at organically. I often begin rendering something, but then realize my intention is no longer to mesmerize. I know I can paint things. I want to paint feelings. Rendering and representation of subjects distracts from the mood I'm after. I enjoy the act of creating as a meditation that relaxes my mind, not unlike doodling.

I like these paintings because I can gaze into them and see something different every time. And others sometimes find themselves finding things, objects, and figures pop out of the image.

There is something about our subconsciousness that I'm playing with here. I'm interested in the phenomenon where sometimes, I'll open my eyes in bed in the morning, and it is as if my mind is still in dream world. In this state, I've seen things in a completely different way. In a painting I did 20 years ago called "Monkey House", I woke up seeing a person holding a bird. This sounds nuts I know, but now I can make that out. It's the subconscious at work here. It's almost like convolution networks in machine learning, accidentally recognizing an object that isn't really there, but looks like it might be. Or like when you make out a face on the front of a car. I'm not deliberately trying to paint a duality, where one thing looks like another. Instead, I'm trying to control randomness in a way that pleases me.

The additional image below is a large file (4+ GB).

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