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Having a Beer at Pracna on Main
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Having a Beer at Pracna on Main

Having a Beer at Pracna on Main

Having a Beer at Pracna on Main

John Wenzel
Oil on Canvas
20" x 30" approx
Status: Sold
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Tooling around Northeast Minneapolis in 2001, I stopped at Pracna on Main and had a couple few beers on the Patio. I did a couple sketches of the view across the river. I then used the sketches to compose this painting.

The painting was next to my Dad's front door for years. Now it's hanging in an office at Blue Rhino Studio. But it's one of my favorite paintings I've ever done as far as composition. I like the glowing golden yellow sky. My style has changed a lot since then. But at the time, I had what I'd call a warpy style. I did a self portrait (see below) while looking into my reflection in silver mylar and so the tendency grew from there. I did another Pracna painting (see below) of the interior. Again, I did sketches while drinking a couple few beers.

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