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Red Kings
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Red Kings

Red Kings

Red Kings

John Wenzel
Oil on Canvas
18"W X 24"H approx
Status: Sold
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You might say this painting is nostalgic about alcohol, smokes, gambling and what not. I don't drink anymore really, but even with drinking problems aside, I've always been drawn to the ambient light in a dive bar, the rosy glow a sunset lays on things, and the way light refracts through glass and colored liquids like booze. I remember as a kid sitting on the patio at are home on White Bear Lake, mesmerized by the refracted sunlight glistening through my Dad's scotch and water. I was always excited to hang out with Dad after work. A couple drinks and he was very jovial in a good way. This painting for me captures some of those feelings.

Things to note:

The date 2002 and my last name are on a champagne bottle.

My phone number at the time is on the book of matches. My phone number has changed 10 times since then.

I purposely arranged the Marlboro Kings, King of Hearts and King of Beers around each other. They're all kings, and they're all reds.

I was a vodka gimlet drinker, as well as vodka tonic, and vodka anything.

Leinenkugel was at one time the goto beer - more in the early 90s.

Alka-Seltzer was always my friend in the morning.

Three Red Kings was a commissioned piece. The client had seen my Still Life #1, and wanted something similar. I feel this #2 was much better than the #1. I could afford to give it time, whereas the #1 was basically an improvised sketch of ideas.

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