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Still Life Number 3 Painting by John Wenzel
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Still Life #3

Still Life #3

Still Life #3

John Wenzel
Oil on Canvas
32"W X 16"H approx
Status: Sold
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I can't remember who bought this piece. If you know, let me know. Thanks...

Still Life #3 I felt at the time was one of my favorite works. It blends a lot of ideas about line and composition that I had been toying around with for a while. Simplification of shadows into geometric shapes help balance the piece. This painting is really all about balance. Balance of color, organic shapes, sythetic shapes, line quality, visual texture etc. The painting itself might be considered a sort of naive synthetic cubist composition with graphic art sensibilities.

The small sculpture of the woman is one that my Mother sculpted in high school. The sculpture is quite beautiful.

One of the brush cans is a Red Gold Tomatoes can.

The abstracted beer can is Budweiser.

Also in painting: Can of turpentine, Utrecht Linseed Oil, Coffee Pot, tubes of oil paint, a book.

The lower left corner reveals that everything is upon a table.

The background is chunked up to reinforce the movement of objects, especially the whimsical brushes blooming from the cans.

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