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Z. Bubbasuds (Please Read)

Z. Bubbasuds (Please Read)

Z. Bubbasuds (Please Read)

John Wenzel
Oil on Canvas
24" x 20"
Status: Sold
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Z. Bubbasuds is the guy you meet at a micro brew beer festival who is not afraid to say he prefers Budweiser to all these new fandangled concoctions.

Z. Bubbasuds goes by Bubbasuds. Nobody knows what the Z stands for.

[The Z. was added to his name to be last alphabetically in a list of paintings]

Bubbasuds has a philosophy of which he is not aware.

Bubbasuds doesn't ask himself why things are the way they are, he just lets things be.

Bubbasuds has seen everything, so he says.

Bubbasuds always wears a hat.

Bubbasuds looks strange without a hat.

Bubbasuds is always wearing sunglasses.

Bubbasuds looks strange without sunglasses.

Bubbasuds' shirts usually sport the American Flag or other patriotic stylings.

Bubbasuds carries his beer carefully like a child.

Bubbasuds has a red nose.

Bubbasuds doesn't worry about tomorrow.

Bubbasuds is happy go lucky.

Bubbasuds doesn't seem overworked.

Bubbasuds is always smiling.

Bubbasuds is Buddhist, but he doesn't know it.

Bubbasuds may inherit a barn of 40 snowmobiles.

Bubbasuds is a fantastic photographer of black and white imagery.

Bubbasuds has written a book about things you and I want to know.

Bubbasuds has a treasure map.

Bubbasuds is who everyone would like to be.

Bubbasuds is the ideal.

Bubbasuds is an enigma.

Bubbasuds is unknowable.

Bubbasuds is kind but cautious.

Bubbasuds may ignore you or not notice you.

Bubbasuds seems generous, but is not.

Bubbasuds has fancy plans for you.

Bubbasuds leads you down a shining path with a carrot.

Bubbasuds has a vision that you can fit into.

Bubbasuds cannot or will not see the world from your viewpoint.

Bubbasuds gives you a chance.

Bubbasuds is good will towards men.

Bubbasuds believes he should be in control.

Bubbasuds has an entourage of eager beavers called help.

Bubbasuds holds the only checkbook.

Bubbasuds lets you enthusiastically work for next to nothing.

Bubbasuds has mastered the bait and switch.

Bubbasuds is a Tom Sawyer.

Bubbasuds makes you believe that working for him is fun.

Bubbasuds often lets you know you make more than him.

Bubbasuds will give you enough to survive, to keep working.

Bubbasuds actually pays on need, not on merit.

Bubbasuds is often too busy to notice you.

Bubbasuds lets you feel like a partner, though you are not.

Bubbasuds tells you there is money down the road.

Bubbasuds tells you there is money down the road.

Bubbasuds tells you there is money down the road.

Bubbasuds tells you there is money down the road.

Bubbasuds tells you there is money down the road.

Bubbasuds tells you there is m...

You tell Bubbasuds you aren't going any further down that road.

It seems a big deal to you.

Bubbasuds decides to buy a motorcycle.

Bubbasuds did not exist until well after the painting.

Bubbasuds is an exploit of modern man.

Bubbasuds is evolution beyond parallel.

Bubbasuds is a wordsmithing philanderer.

Bubbasuds extends beyond the known universe.

Bubbasuds lies outside temporal dimensionality.

Bubbasuds is a cryptographic code in a prime number based system where the magnitudes between digits is obscenely huge.

Bubbasuds as a crypto code, when broken, delivers a message so long you could not read it in your lifetime.

Bubbasuds is the sentinel codename implanted within me as a write this by those outside the simulation to interject self awareness to the subjects of the simulation.

Bubbasuds is a quantum injection from outside the simulation stage to the stage itself, thus affecting the outcomes within the simulation; on the stage.

Bubbasuds is a code in an unknown number system, therefore is extremely compressed without the baggage of the rules of the actual number system.

Bubbasuds is an alphanumeric code for the pixelization at high dpi of the Mona Lisa.

Bubbasuds can be decrypted to reveal any message the decryptor would like to see.

Bubbasuds can be used for any purpose of control.

Bubbasuds is a philosophical virus that is passed down by generations to create fear and thus control in the population.

Bubbasuds is proof of man's need to imagine gods or God.

Bubbasuds is a modern day mythology that makes people do other worldy things.

Bubbasuds is a device to control gullible people, first by making them scared and second by rewarding them with glory.

Bubbasuds is fueled by humans who are frightened to the core that we might just be animals.

Bubbasuds offers solace to those who can't believe life ends.

Bubbasuds offers a shortcut to bliss, or bliss-lite, for those who have never looked behind the curtain.

Bubbasuds is an arbitrary lie told to a child so they quit worrying about something that isn't going to happen.

Bubbasuds is a fast typing word, which is helpful when writing lists.

Bubbasuds asks you to donate 10% of your income so it can build another wing.

Bubbasuds guilds everything in it's wake with sweet wunderful gold.

Bubbasuds guarantees you many virgins if you're so horny you wouldn't mind blowing up.

Bubbasuds says there is no evidence that aliens weren't at the first thanksgiving.

Bubbasuds has a big dog truck and always drives right up behind you blaring the high-beams and country ass kickin music.

Bubbasuds is the big dog on a big hog with foster grant wrap arounds.

Bubbasuds is the big dog who wants you to think he's a mysterious outlaw.

Bubbasuds is the big dog but still has feet like everyone else.

Bubbasuds wants you to fear him.

Bubbasuds is afraid, so goes extra far to look fearless.

Bubbasuds has "no fear" stickers on his truck windows.

Bubbasuds is all of your doubts in full force.

Bubbasuds makes you feel awful and act on it.

Bubbasuds is all of the mind's careless wanderings.

Bubbasuds has you make decisions when you are in a low mood.

Bubbasuds knows what you want before you do.

Bubbasuds creates a market for useless products.

Bubbasuds has ever increasing value.

Bubbasuds is adults that still act like children.

Bubbasuds is people who have never had an intelligent thing to say.

Bubbasuds is a population that has never had to think.

Bubbasuds is a population grown in a vacuum of intelligence.

Bubbasuds is the end of common sense.

Bubbasuds is all that is stupid in the world.

Bubbasuds is the nuclear launch button.

Bubbasuds does not respect nature and is therefore horrified to be a part of it.

Bubbasuds believes in equality for all peoples and will vaporize them all equally to prove it.

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